From Shed to Sea

Wires and pliers

Cables and plugs

Energy from wind and sun

Screens and machines

And things with dials

The bane exchange for fun.

No such simple boat

With sail or oars

But gadgets to keep track

And noted with every moment posted.

I watch the brown booby

Soar and plummet

Striking water like a bullet

Rise and strain

Flex muscle and wing

Repeat it’s tireless physical refrain.

The man is driven to solve and fix

Waves of problems sent to vex

Mechanics and sparks perplex

Gaseous and fumeous

This boating life’s no lark!

The man descends to both lows and highs

To set the vessel to right

You’ve got to love his patience,

His stoic determination against so many plights.💕

with Wendy

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