West Bay, Middle Percy – a haven for seafarers

Tuesday 31st August, (day 44) As mentioned we arrived pre-dawn but Geoff stayed outside Pine Islet that has a marked rock just to its northern side and given our jitters from the experience at Hexham, he marked time by taking another pass to the south and back before we entered the anchorage. This is the […]

Hexham Hoodoo!

Unfortunately, panic is contagious, and all the usual checks were lost in the moment, zero visibility, driving rain and howling wind.  While all the wind and sailing instruments were turned on and the anchor quickly lifted, we didn’t have our walkie-talkies with us which at this time were more important than ever.  I had wanted to suggest that we just shorted the chain until morning, but Geoff couldn’t hear me calling into the wind.

From Keppel Bay to Pearl Bay and onto the Percy Islands

I really love this part of the Queensland coastline, but I am at times aghast that the Australian Defence Forces use the Shoalwater Bay area as their training ground for military exercises including with other nations.  It seems an assault on the senses and injustice to the landscape but at the same time, at least it has protected it from development.  Even if it was proclaimed national park, I fear that the day trippers and campers would soon wreck the surrounds or at least the serenity.