AWOL – Catch up by instalments 2nd September to 14th September 2021

My apologies for such a long absence from the keyboard.  The issues surrounding this relate to lack of internet, lack of power to charge the laptop even to write drafts, and with such a lag in blog posts there is a touch of inertia about getting back to it once immersed in other busy-ness of boat life and even shore related activities.  So I will attempt to catch you up in some instalments – collating a few blogs into segments so that I don’t bore you with minutiae of daily life

West Bay, Middle Percy – a haven for seafarers

The rain has gone and with it, any hopes of collecting more freshwater is too. However, we are still experiencing 20-25 knots easterly winds and it threatens to continue. Launching the aluminium dinghy from the davits in any swell and high winds can be a little trying especially when then lowering the outboard motor and securing it to the stern. We manage it well, but not without some stress for Geoff.
As is the custom for visitors to the “A-Frame”, we took with us one of the rope bags I had made and illustrated to leave our memento. We joined as members of the Percy Islands Yacht Club in 2019, but at that time had nothing to leave.