Blog Post List

This is the list of all that is contained in this site, including some photos, videos, poetry and musings (or crude attempts at it) and of course our stories. click on the links in blue to read on…

  1. About – a little about me and how I got here
  2. My Story – Shell de Mer Sailing adventures and transition from 2009 to 2021
  3. The boats that taught me what I’m still figuring out
  4. Musings and other Stuff about Family Roots
  5. The new adventure – Sailing Vaega tolu – or trying to
  6. 18.07.2021 Operation Northbound
  7. Heave Ho! Day One Operation Northbound
  8. Not without a care – Days at Wreck Bay GKI
  9. On the Move – Days 4 & 5
  10. What’s Wrong Now?
  11. Day 7 – RELAX
  12. Providore – Purveyor
  13. To Market To Market
  14. Death at the Boat Ramp
  15. Power Up!
  16. Biding our Time
  17. Bleck! Mould in the Carrots!
  18. More Calamity for the Dramarama!
  19. Not Sailing – Marina Live-Aboards
  20. Marina Life
  21. Marina Wildlife
  22. Like Sands in the Hourglass
  23. Waiting, Waiting
  24. Hum Drum!
  25. Bored out of Our Gourds
  26. Fingers Crossed!
  27. Dare we say Farewell?

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