Waiting, Waiting…

Thursday 19th August (day 32)

During a very windy night Geoff went on deck to secure a few items (deck chair and my driftwood craft project) rather than have them blow overboard.  It’s so still and calm here most times that it was a little surprising to feel the gusts so strongly and neither BOM nor Windy.com seemed to have foreseen this – perhaps we just didn’t look at the right time. 

Today is still windy, a little showery, and cooler than recent experiences.  We’ve not ventured anywhere other than to the facilities, and we’ve just filled the day with some small galley jobs. 

Geoff always finds things to do whether he is stringing some netting across an open shelf to save items from sliding to the floor when sailing or fixing a dodgy wire behind the headliner or more major jobs. 

We’ve been waiting for the electrician to arrive who we have expected this afternoon (he said), but at 5.15pm and still no show we don’t expect any work will be started just yet!

At least with fresh provisions and a need to use them I get to expand the repertoire for meals. I tried to recreate a memorable dish we had when we were diving in Samoa back in 2014. This delicately spiced chicken and papaya curry turned out really well – delicious!

Polynesian Curried Chicken and Papaya

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