Still Waiting, Bored out of our Gourds

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd (days 33 to 35)

John the electrician was due to come both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  My mind is mush and writing this blog on Sunday evening and having to look in Facebook activity log and my photos to work out what we did two days ago proves that we did nothing memorable.

Geoff and John worked together while I worked on this blog and images.  I’ve just asked Geoff what he and John did on Friday, but he can’t remember either!  What I do know is that in preparation for John’s work, Geoff removed some superfluous wiring that was not connected to anything – went nowhere and was just taking up space. 

In the last two days John’s installed the new Victron inverter and MPPT, removed a diode splitter not suitable for the battery configuration we have, and came up with a plan for what works best for our solar, wind and battery power usage which will hopefully be finalised on Tuesday when more fuses and circuit breaker switches arrive.

So, while the laundry was doing its thing in the machines, I revisited the Seafood Market to treat us once more to local caught blue-legged prawns and those delectable scallops which we enjoyed with a papaya salad and microgreens.  I apologise that we’d eaten most of it before I remembered to show you what you are missing!

Blue Legged prawns Local Scallops with Lemon Potatoes, and Green Papaya Salad with Microgreens

One of the things we promised to do before departing was accomplished after lunch today.  A walk up to the top of Double Head and Fan Rock was reasonably short but steep to take in the vista across the marina and west to Yeppoon, with sweeping views north, east to the islands and south to Emu Park and beyond. 

I didn’t take a camera or phone, but Geoff will post on his blog. I asked him to take this photo just for me – I love trees and this captured my attention.

Natural beauty

So, my apologies for some boring posts and this forgetful fugue that is merely symptomatic – We are both just champing at the bit to get sailing.

Certainly though, we haven’t yet tired of the delicious scallops and prawns that we’ve purchased from the resident market. This meal of coconut prawns is accompanied by lemon potatoes, and a crisp salad with avocado, papaya and our own mung bean sprouts.

Coconut Prawns, Lemon Potatoes and Tropical Salad

We’ve seen people come and go – some for a week or only a few days but many others have left for good.  This week! Fingers arms, legs and toes are all crossed!

Full moon over Keppel Bay Marina at sundown

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