Like sands in the hour glass…these are the days of our lives

Tuesday 17th August (day 30)

The days do roll along and without a conscious look at a phone or calendar it can be a bit of a blur – hence my countdown of the days in this blog. 

Today’s return to the beach involved more plastic and refuse collection and a coffee from a visiting coffee van. 

Geoff found a dead little sea-snake that we really hope is not the one he rescued a couple of weeks ago! He has some photos on his blog

The black cockatoos were more tolerant of us today and I think some pairs were feeding young and others were in the early romance stage – I was able to move a lot closer to capture some better footage than previously.

A difference a week makes!

We came across this oddity – no rocks at all on the stretches of sand at low tide except this volcanic eruption that proved to be a pipe of sorts with coral and algae growth building up from all sides.  More research is required to get to the bottom of this story!

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