Hum drum!

Wednesday 18th August (day 31)

As much as we’d like to be further north and to have explored more islands and anchorages, Yeppoon and Keppel Bay/Rosslyn Bay has won a very warm spot in our hearts. 

As Geoff was waiting for the diesel mechanics to visit, I was able to secure another trip in the courtesy car to get more beer and a few provisions – I was keen to check out The Barn Fruit & Vegetable store in Yeppoon.  I was pleased there was some locally grown produce although not a very wide selection, but this was supplemented at the supermarket. 

To avoid the wet floors after so many other people using showers, I was happy to take the ‘long walk’ and complete my ablutions in the early afternoon as the mechanics still hadn’t arrived after we had put all the stores away. 

The “Long Walk”

Another blog post shall be about laundry and bathroom etiquette – seems some people understand some niceties and have regard for those who are sharing the same facilities and others just haven’t thought about it!

Self-contained facilities provide privacy, and allow patrons to assist when caring for someone, or just to save water and ‘shower with a friend’

What’s available here at Keppel Bay Marina

A review of these will follow in another post as I review all the marinas and their amenities, facilities etc.

However, beyond the marina and facilities I’d like to point out that without exception all the staff here are very kind, attentive, and helpful and we have been very grateful for their warm welcome and assistance at every turn.

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