Fingers Crossed!

Wednesday 25th August (day 38)

Yesterday I was to catch the bus but a local (Janet) who works at the Marina, saw me at the stop and was lovely and kind to give me a lift to town!  This not only saved the change for the fare, but lots of time too. 

I managed to browse some of the boutiques that now grace the main street.  I marvel at how much Yeppoon has grown in the 12 years since I last spent any time here. 

Fresh lettuce and a few items were added to our stores in preparation for our departure.  On my walk to the bus-stop I watched a stingray terrorising the small baitfish.  Every day there seems to be wildlife in the marina to observe and admire – even the large molluscs growing on the rocks.

Pearls or Steaks?

I’ve thought of some of the jobs I could be doing – I could busy myself with more Styrofoam removal. 

In some places where it’s not required, I merely give a lick of white paint to freshen up the surfaces.

Lockers are not meant to be eskies!

However, I have found some online books that are just time wasters and I am happy to read 3 of them at once!

The past two days have been frustrating as Geoff and I have waited for the electrician who doesn’t answer text messages or let us know what is happening.  Happily, he is here now, and we hope to depart tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

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