Power Up!

Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th August (to day 17)

Multiple phone calls and anxiously awaiting and checking with the diesel mechanic has been a daily occurrence for us. 

We had Warren assist by installing the new batteries that we hope will see us out for more than just 2 years.  In the installation process, while disconnecting wires and batteries to test, the very undersized Victron inverter that existed started smoking and was subsequently removed. 

A newer and larger model was ordered online along with a new Victron MPPT controller that will not only better serve the system but will also accommodate a couple of additional solar panels should we decide to do that in the future.

The 4 x 140 ah AGMs should be good for a while at least and we may need to add another solar panel or two but for now, Brothers Sol and Wendy will be keeping the bank well charged. 

Geoff’s blog explains the issues we had with the wiring and so while Warren was able to install the batteries for us, he was too heavily booked to undertake the 3 days of work needed to sort out the multitude of wires that go nowhere, or snake around the battery box creating a tangle of dangerous mess.  We are more than aware of the problems but totally out of our depth with all things electrical and electronic.

We’ve had John come to check out the wiring and hopefully he will be able to help in the next couple of weeks – yes – we will be here for a while yet as we are still waiting on the oil pressure test.


  1. I have the same problem with my Yanmar. Low oil pressure, and water disappearing from the freshwater heat exchanger. So after paying a guy to look at the engine he changed the oil, changed the raw water impeller, charged me €600 and didn’t address my issues. So I’ve bought a cheap mechanical oil pressure gage, but haven’t got around to using it yet. I’m hoping that the problem is that someone has put in the wrong pressure sensor, there are two types (100 ohm, and 200 ohm).

    Victron electronics, good choice.


    • That’s awfully expensive especially since it didn’t address your issues!
      Our engine has a pressure switch not a sender or sensor as such, and we’ve now got an ‘off market’ one installed – $78 AUD rather than over $300 for original part. Discovered that the old one is just like this new one – the thread gauge is not the same and barely fits into the block. Fingers crossed it will work.
      So far the Victron has been awesome.
      Good luck with your oil gauge.


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