Not sailing, Marina live-aboards

Thursday 12th August (day 25)

Today we visited the Rosslyn Bay Fish Market and bought some local caught Spanish mackerel and local scallops.  We enjoyed feasting on panko crumbed fish and pan-fried scallops in lemon pepper and salad with sweet potato wedges.  The fish was superb, the scallops were sweet with loads of flavour – we’ll definitely be back for more!  We had a bit of fish leftover so that is safely frozen for another meal when we are out on the pick.

Prior to visiting the Fish Market, we explored the rock wall just a littler further up the road and took in the view of types of fishing vessels here – no doubt some of them go out for weeks-on-end fishing the outer reef. 

One such vessel registered with a home port in Brisbane has us intrigued – are they fishing for a supplier to the city, a seafood restaurant in Brisbane, or have they merely moved here to supply all over including the locals?  It seems they are a fishing charter and tour operator working from Brisbane all the way up to Darwin and across to the Kimberlies.

We were quite taken with this classic timber beauty – Rhumba.

Walking past the osprey nest we noticed the fledglings testing their wings on several occasions.  Now we are unsure which are the babies, and which is the adult as they have grown so much in a couple of weeks.

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