Marina Wildlife

Monday 16th August (day 29)

We have seen some surprises while staying in this Marina.  It is not uncommon to see some sizable fish around the berths in different locations, and depending on the entrance and proximity to ocean, not all that surprising to see other forms of marine life. 

While here we have seen the ospreys who are nested on a post in the middle of the carpark for the boat ramps.

However, we were surprised to see a turtle on 3 separate occasions – surprised because of the difficulty in negotiating the entrance and heavy traffic that come and go daily; as well as how far into the marina this turtle has travelled to meander around the fingers. 

More surprising was the discovery beside the pontoon leading right before the ramp – a nudibranch that was not moving but floating.  Geoff attempted to see if it was alive, but it merely sunk to the depths below.  A week later he encountered another nudi with the same colouring which also appeared to be dead.  We are unsure if this is the case – the only alternative is if they ‘play possum’ to escape?

This week we have seen this little fellow twice and luckily this time on our return from lunch at the Waterline Restaurant I had my phone with me to capture this short footage of the blue spotted eagle ray. 

Juvenile Blue Spotted Eagle Ray

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