Marina Life

Sunday 15th August (day 28)

We’ve been here long enough that the wait staff and marina staff know us by name.  Having multiple parcels (parts for engines, batteries, inverters etc.) certainly is a conversation starter with the staff.

I intend to write a blog about marinas reviewing their amenities and what each has to offer.  They are all quite different in some respects – some are quite close to town (Airlie Beach Townsville and Cairns) while others require a bus or car to get supplies (Bundaberg, Keppel Bay, and Mackay). How this is serviced or by courtesy or other opportunities are what draws the distinctions.  But I shall save that for another post and compare any changes from my last Coral Coast adventure in 2009.

However, one thing that most cruisers will agree is that you cannot second guess the fart!  Most berths are at least 100 metres from the amenities and sometimes you can be even further.  Geoff had timed the walk as being 5 minutes, but for my daughter who was here on my last visit, I made a video.

I don’t know why but the video will not upload so here is the link to it on Facebook.

Laundry facilities vary a little from marina to marina as does the cost of doing your wash.  Here at Keppel Bay Marina, it is not the most expensive per wash, but neither is it the cheapest.  We had done two loads previously, but this week I have done washing by hand, (including bath towels and mats) over a couple of days.  However, I intend to do a final one-load wash in the laundry for sheets and towels before we leave next week.

Another visit to the Fisherman’s Market today but with the rough seas and strong winds about there was no local fish available, but we enjoyed the Queensland wild-caught red spotted prawns, some more delicious local scallops with chips and salad made with the microgreens we are growing on board to supplement when we don’t have any fresh lettuce.  (We have plenty of seed mats so it’s ok if we eat some now!)

Local seafood

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