Death at the boat ramp

Sunday 1st August (day 14)

We returned to the beach at Rosslyn Bay, and I was dismayed at the sight of what appeared to be a dead osprey in the water at the boat ramp near the Coast Guard.  The nest is just across the carpark from there, so I was concerned that some evil had befallen this beautiful creature and I hope that someone from Qld Parks and Wildlife had investigated the cause of its demise.  It was apparent that only one adult sentinel now cared for the young.

At the far corner of the beach where it ends with a high rocky headland, and a gathering of stones in the water, we noticed a curious blue substance that accumulated in several areas like a gluggy coating.  If anyone can identify this, I’d be interested to know what it is.

Another shorter venture to Live at the Lawn for some more delicious ‘street food’ – an array of dumplings, karaage chicken and pork bao, with beer and music. Delicious!!!

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