Biding our time

Thursday 5th August (day 18)

Bus rides in the regions are very cheap with only a few stops to get to town.  $5.60 for the two of us to get to Bunnings, Haymans for some solar connectors that were broken, and we walked back to Town Central to have a look around.  Some very tasty treats were purchased at the French bakery, and lunch at Spinnakers – the bar/café/restaurant operated by the Keppel Bay Sailing Club.  The ambience and food were very much like a pub and not as good as we had hoped – in fact the yacht club and Waterline back at the marina are more to our liking.

Photo – a gorgeous sunset on a chilly evening tonight (6th August)

Saturday 7th August (day 20)

In between filling the days with small jobs to keep boredom at bay, we take walks to explore the area as we cannot venture too far.  The marina here, like Gladstone is open and anyone from the public can wander the pontoons and view the boats.  Weekends – the traffic is more frequent, and we are cautious about locking the boat if we are to be away for more than an hour.

Today we ventured in the other direction taking ourselves past the villas with the private pontoons and climbed down a path through the rocks over to Lammermoor Beach. 

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