What’s wrong now?

Saturday 24th July (day 6)

Even though Wendy the wind gen is a tireless worker, we noted that the fridge and freezer (Icey and Dicey) were performing poorly.  A check on the battery monitor showed low voltage and we remembered that the batteries were now 2 and a half years old. 

On purchase the previous owner of this boat only installed a couple of new 100 ah lead acid batteries and we quickly realised they were insufficient, but the advice given was to purchase more of the same brand and type, and so we did.  We certainly felt we didn’t get value out of these Lion batteries or for that matter, the boat itself since we hadn’t really gone anywhere! 

It was imperative we get to shore and order more batteries – we were fully provisioned, and the freezer was stocked to capacity.

The entrance to Keppel Bay Marina is quite shallow at times and we had to ensure we were there by around 10 am.  We were still unsure of the oil pressure, so it was a timely visit to Rosslyn Bay as evidenced when we came in slowly to the marina berth and the oil pressure alarm sounded once more. It was probably lucky for us that these two issues collided at this time, but we hadn’t anticipated how long it would take us to get the services we need!

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