Sunday 25.07 (day 7) RELAX

After a reconnaissance to orient with the beach and take in the view, we watched some of the racers making their way to the finish line.

After our beach tour we walked over to the Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club for a beer and for an alternative perspective of the area.  This club seems to have grown a little in the last 12 years with more regular opening hours but still doesn’t provide any meals although members can cook their own barbeque and bring their own food.

We’ve since learned that the racer in the photo above, Hairy McClarey has performed well in the recent Airlie Beach racing regatta as well as in this event.

Later in the afternoon we enjoyed live music with Danny Miller at the Waterline Restaurant Live on the Lawn with street food and drinks.  It was so terrific to hear live music and Danny played all our old favourites.

All the birds joined the chorus- no song so sweet as the Australian Butcherbirds 🥰

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