Rosslyn Bay Beach

Wednesday 28th (day 10)

Today we walked over to Rosslyn Bay beach itself and collected shells, driftwood and also picked up plastic rubbish.  There were gazillions of micro shells (little cone shells) washed up at different sections of the beach. 

Someone alerted us to a small sea snake dying on the beach but after I lamented that we’d return a turtle or fish to the sea, Geoff obligingly collected said snake with the aid of a stick and returned the little harmless marine creature to where he belonged.  I wish I’d taken a photo!

Gorgeous glossy black red-tailed cockatoos reside in the trees around here and I’ve enjoyed watching them, but they are elusive and fly off if approached too closely.

Unfortunately there still persists the problems of pollution and rubbish with even a whole egg on the beach, cigarette butts and band-aids just like we saw at Wreck Bay. I won’t hurt your eyes with images of trash today.

On our return walk back to the boat we pass by the Coast Guard and the boat yards.  There is a post with a fence around it and atop that post is a huge nest belonging to a pair of beautiful ospreys and their two young.  I wasn’t quick enough to video one adult that soared over our heads as it was pestered by some annoying peewees.

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