On the Move! days 4 & 5 Leek’s Monkey and Long Beach anchorages

Thursday 22.08 (day 4) Last night was a bit rolly but only on the incoming tide as the winds began their southerly sweep to the eastern quarter.  After caffeine injections were administered, we rounded the corner to cruise past the beautiful Butterfish Bay, Svendsen’s Beach and anchored for a time at Leek’s Beach.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to put ashore as it soon became time to head around to Monkey Bay for the night.   Geoff had arranged for some engine oil to be sent over on the ferry so that he could do a complete engine oil change in a bid to address the oil pressure situation.  Monkey Bay is walking distance to the resort at Fisherman’s Beach.   We saw some boats that were becoming familiar to us either because we had seen them at Bundaberg or because we recognised their names as members of Women Who Sail Australia or other groups.  I’d put out a question about where to buy top-up beer supplies – it’s amazing the generosity of some sailors to offer to help with that.

Friday 23.08 (day 5).  A nice run for the Suzy outboard on Grum to the beach at Fisherman’s Beach, a visit to the composting loo, and a sad look at the resort that is fading once again into obscurity and decline.  It is a sad reflection that is repeated in many regional towns where original buildings and businesses fail and become vacant yet other similar ventures spring up instead, leaving the originals forgotten and neglected.

I wandered up to the shop and browsed some clothing hoping to find a bargain such as I did back in 2009 – $5 bikinis!  No such luck this time, and the price of a 6 pack (at $6 per bottle) was not prohibitive but when you want 3 cartons it’s a bit steep!

As we waited for the ferry to arrive, we observed the Keppel Barge for a while – Geoff daydreaming about having one for personal use and ‘selected friends’ at Macleay Island.

Kelly from Cap Coast Marine has been fantastic liaising with Geoff about our oil pressure issues over numerous phone calls and assisted us immensely by getting two containers of engine oil and new oil filters onto the ferry for us, and the ferry guys most helpful and accommodating as well. 

Oil was retrieved and we ventured back to the boat before moving around the corner to Long Beach as another wind shift was expected later that evening.  We were not the last boat to arrive but there were 33 others ahead of us.   After the engine cooled, Geoff spent the day doing the oil and filter change. 

At different points in time (I’ve forgotten as the days roll along) I spend time pulling out Styrofoam that someone decided was a good liner for the lockers – problem is that in places it is more than 2 centimetres thick and cuts down the locker capacity, hides mould that grows through small leaks or condensation. 

I’m using a variety of paint scrapers, a chisel and hammer or my thumper to chip away the glue that has been used to fasten said Styrofoam all over this boat. 

After an engine test run, we thought our problems were solved.  Long Beach provided a lovely anchorage and a comfortable night on board.

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