20.07.21 to 22.07.21 (days 2, 3 & 4) Wreck Bay GKI

Tuesday morning and we’ve just spent some time relaxing and taking it easy after our all-nighter. For a time we were the only vessel here after the small cabin cruiser left. However one by one a few others have noticed what a great anchorage this place is in the right conditions.

Some quite strong bullets came over the low point between the dunes on shore and Wendy the D400 is worth her weight in gold. Despite some good gusts, the holding is good and VT is very comfortable and there is no swell at this point.

Notwithstanding our overnight sail, we didn’t sleep, and we’ve taken the dinghy Grum ashore to have a scout around. Still a little weary – we didn’t hike far but we enjoyed fossicking around the beach, dunes and rocks.

You can see by the tidemarks in the sand just how much water comes and goes in waters north of Brisbane.

Walking along the beaches on islands and our northern shores is a constant reminder that our refuse travels far and wide. But nothing gets my ire more than those who whether out of ignorance or misinformation or selfish ‘don’t give a fuck-ness’, throw any food scraps overboard!

Don’t do it people! I really hate it when boaters and campers trash what they came to enjoy. Don’t throw any food scraps overboard or think you are feeding fish- all you do is attract fish and then sharks and pollute beaches. Just like my 2009 photos of Turtle Bay and Percy Islands where food scraps and plastic waste washed ashore! There are enough measures now to store scraps safely, compactly and without too much odour until you get to shore where there are bins.

Here lies the remains of what giveth the anchorage its name Wreck Bay. I’ve tried to find the name of the wrecked vessel online but there are so many unidentified vessels that have disappeared or wrecked that it is still unknown. If you are interested in Queensland wrecks you can find names here

We’ve returned ashore with Grum – surfing the little beach break onto the sand and using the very handy wheels to drag her up and out of the incoming tide. This time we’ve ventured as far up the creek bed as the scrub would allow and higher up a dune and clamboured over the rocky headland to peer and photograph the topography that intrigues me as always.

There are more photos in Gallery Page and a couple of videos if you care to have a look at the scenery that I found compelling.

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