Mind Warps

So my mind takes me down some pretty weird paths at the best of times… and it all happens in a matter of only a few seconds 🤣

This morning it went like this -I’m laying on the bed in the aft cabin looking up through the hatch at the first spreader on the mast and I asked Geoff the purpose of a single string line that ran from one side of the spreader to the other and he replied that he thought the previous owner strung it up there to deter birds from sitting on the spreader.

My head immediately thinks ..’Well imagine a pelican trying it – that wouldn’t work. But they have such strong wings and legs to be able to take flight from the water with those weirdly ungainly body shapes…

..Which led me to wonder how there are so many water bird types that seem to get along quite amiably with little conflict between their species even though they hunt in the same habitat… which led me to ponder –

How did we get such diversity in the bird world? How did so many different bird types evolve from the first fishy thing to drag itself out of the slime to grow wings and then fly?

How come humans only evolved with one uniform shape and characteristics, and how come so many animal types that came from the same ooze can coexist yet humans can’t even get along with their own species?

HOW COME with such little diversity in our shapes, functions, habitats, etc (by comparisons say to birds) we don’t even accept the diversity of people with disability?!!!

I got to there in under 10 seconds … poor Geoff had to make a cup of tea – it was too heavy at that hour of the day!!!

image from the internet

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