B>O>A>T (Bring Out Another Thousand)

Calamities and boats

Like children and blokes

A part of an ocean girl’s life

Great adventures by sea

Sundown by isle’s lee

Can include struggles and strife.

By whatever wits and tricks

No problem too big to fix

There’s plenty to lend a hand

Each day is a new one

To learn and to overcome

Trials surprises and unplanned.

So my love, my heart

Take each moment as a start

Your new phase of discovery

No need for yearning

For your time is turning

Making life so less ordinary.

Today is just tomorrow’s memory

We’re making our own history

How rich and far from humdrum

Relax and breathe

Smile and believe

For life is great with “Grum”

add to Ginger Beer makes “Grum’ and also the name of our tender

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