What’s in a Name? Our Name?

There has been talk ad nauseum about changing the flag and the national anthem.

But if we are going to do that shouldn’t we first think about our land – what it is, where it began, what it means?

Are we happy with the name Australia? This is how this land got its name – http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/…/Unique-facts-Oceania2…

Basically means ‘unknown southern land’…. hmm so are we still that mysterious and how does this capture the origins of this land and all its beauty? It doesn’t.

I’m so pleased that Australia Post and some organisations are using the traditional names for the spaces they occupy. Where my land base is located is an island with a European name but it called Alcheringa.

I want is to go back to calling our nation its real name – Gondwanaland or at least what our First Peoples would collectively call this continent… then design a flag and anthem around that name ! 😎💗

Are we really that “Unknown Southern Land”?

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