My Story

Shell de Mer Sailing Adventures…

A transition from 2009 to 2021

This is the link to my blog for the 2009 adventures of a family adventure on my vessel “Shell de Mer” – a Nicholson 39.

I have linked photo slideshow and video to the video page on this site but in case this is as far as you’re prepared to venture ..the YouTube video is here

Many changes ensued in later years including a return to paid work that had followed many years of volunteering in the field, moving out of the family home with my daughter and eventually separation from my former husband, a career that culminated at the end of last year.

But this new venture was a dream that took shape in the heart and mind of my partner Geoff.  In late 2019 we travelled north to view the boat that he had decided was the one for him, after wishing hoping and looking for quite a long time.  We were foiled by the broker who seemed more interested in hanging about on Hayman Island than in showing us boats as we were told that all three we’d hoped to inspect were out sailing.  Clearly this wasn’t true as we spotted the chosen one in Shute Harbour.  But the trip was one of many that we took to Airlie over the next few months before the sale was a done deal.

I’ll post a timeline of of the trials and tribulations that have been overcome and challenges still to be met as we finally embark on our travels. I will attempt to compare and contrast any noticeable changes in the anchorages, ports, marinas and opportunities as we journey north.

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